leading the way in fire protection, security, and audio visual technologies  

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About The Credible Group

  • The Credible Group brings together two Australian-owned companies that have emerged as leaders in their fields through absolute commitment to the life saving and life changing services they provide and the infinite array of client needs they serve. Together, Credible Building Technologies (CBT) and Credible Security and Vision (CSV) deliver a unique mix of end-to-end services in critical fire protection and security systems along with innovative, bespoke solutions to the professional audio visual requirements of diverse market sectors. Our expert teams continue to set benchmarks for competency, efficiency, and reliability. Our attention to detail and exceptional customer service has made us the company of choice for many of Australia’s largest and most reputable organisations and we are proud to build on our reputation with every new project we undertake and every new client we serve.

  • Credible Building Technologies

    CBT was established in 2001 after its founders recognised a need for more qualified, experienced and customer focused people in the Essential Service / Fire Protection industry. Ensuring that our clients' properties were thoroughly protected by the best technologies and skill-sets in the industry became our mission and we set about developing some of the most comprehensive processes and quality control measures in the country. We now employ a team of over 60 full-time experts who are continually driving progress in the areas of scoping, design, supply, installation, maintenance, and testing for the benefit of our clients and the entire industry.

    We dedicate significant resources to understanding the plethora of legal requirements affecting our industry along with the latest domestic and international research and development . As a gold member of the Fire Protection Association (FPA) and the National Electrical & Communications Association (NECA), CBT plays an active role in advocating for continual industry improvements with a representative on the Australian Standards Committee for Fire Protection.

    Customer relationships are fundamentally important to us and we pride ourselves on our communication, flexibility and responsiveness to feedback. Our extensive experience in working with major commercial, industrial, retail and government clients on projects of all shapes and sizes, demonstrates our capacity to deliver customised outcomes without compromises, while providing best practice efficiency and exceptional value for money.  More...

  • Credible Security & Vision

    In the fast-paced, ever changing world of high end security and audio visual technology, CSV has emerged as a leading force that combines experience with a true passion for creating the most cutting edge installations of our time. Launched in 2006, CSV was formed by the directors of CBT as an indirect result of changes to Australian Standards that required acoustic engineering of Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems for Speech Intelligibility. When the new laws came in to effect in 2004, CBT created a whole new division of experts specialising in audio technology. Trained to adhere to the same processes and stringent quality control measures as the rest of the company, our new audio team soon built a reputation for excellence and it wasn't long before they were being asked for advise relating to a range of other audio visual and security areas of our clients' businesses.  It was then that we discovered a huge need for sound management of high-end, high quality security and AV systems in the marketplace.

    Today, CSV continues to fill that need with an enormous collection of technologies that  range from state-of-the-art conference facilities to major public address systems, CCTV installations, emergency lockdown systems and everything in between. With a national network of over 60 full time experts and a register of fully certified specialists, we are now able to customise each project according to the specific needs of the client and provide strategic system integration - from design and construction to “whole of life” maintenance and support - across multiple technologies and locations. Our unique services have become essential to the operations of a vast array of organisations, spanning every major market sector from retail, commercial and indrstrial clients to major public facilities, entertainment venues and universities alike.

    Our experience has taught us how to listen to our clients, how to scope out the entire situation, how to research and how to plan so that we can deliver the most effective and efficient outcomes on every project every time. More...