leading the way in fire protection, security, and audio visual technologies  

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Why Us

There are many reasons to choose The Credible Group. Here are just a few...

  • Our proven track record: We are proud to have built long term relationships with a number of well known organisations by continuing to deliver on our promises of credibility, reliability, durability and flexibility in very tangible and measurable ways.
  • Our unique mix of services: We are fortunate to be in the unique position of being able to apply the highly regulated principles of quality control and tight procedures necessary in our Fire and Security services to our more glamorous audio visual arm, ensuring that every one of our installations is put through an unparalleled level of rigorous testing.
  • Our highly refined processes: Whether it be state-of-the-art audio visual designs or major security installations, our process is the same... We start by listening to our clients, asking the right questions, scoping out the project in minute detail, researching extensively both internally and externally, and formulating a detailed strategic plan that covers design, build, installation, implementation, budget management, timing, testing, certification, and long term maintenance. Once the project is underway, communication and consultation with our client's key personnel drives every step we take to ensure that each project is a complete success in terms of every deliverable.
  • Our commitment to customer service: CBT and CSV were started because we saw a gap in the market for companies that truly understood the meaning of the term "customer service". For us, the customer's needs, expectations, feedback and satisfaction form the very core of our existence and drive our entire business model. We are dedicated to our customers absolutely and are literally available to them 24hours a day.
  • Our attention to detail: In the world of fire and security there is no room for error and we take our work extremely seriously. We are fortunate to employ some of the most well regarded experts in the industry and we have developed some of the most advanced quality control measures in the country. We invest heavily in ongoing staff training to ensure that every member of our team is an asset to our company and a solid link in the chain of protection we build for each of our precious clients.
  • Our dedication to our industries: We are driven by a belief in the work we do and are humbled by the knowledge that our Fire and Security services are there to protect lives. With this fundamental purpose always in mind, we devote countless resources to ensuring not only that our clients are protected but that domestic and international standards in Fire and Security are continually being checked, measured, tested and improved throughout the globe. Our obsession for electronic technologies is surpassed only by our passion for finding new and unique ways of combining them to provide our clients with the most seamless, effective and professional audio visual experiences of our time.